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  1. Winter Is Coming !!
    01 Dec, 2017
    Winter Is Coming !!
    This picture shows a Medium Stack, Mosaic, Ashlar Fieldstone Mix. Gives a nice blend, don't you think? It is always nice when customers follow up with us after they have their Natural Stone Thin Veneer from Elk River Stone Installed. Mrs. Griffin we are happy you chose us for your Thin Stone Veneer and Thank You for sharing your picture with us. #elkriverstone #naturalstoneveneer #thinveneer #stonework #veneerstone #stonemason #naturalstone  #tennesseefieldstone
  2. Tennessee Fieldstone Medium Stack & Ashlar Mix
    03 Nov, 2017
    Tennessee Fieldstone Medium Stack & Ashlar Mix
    Today's post feature's our Tennessee Fieldstone Natural Stone Thin Veneer in a Medium Stack & Ashlar Mix pattern. This design pattern is currently being installed on a new construction in the state of Alabama. Thank You Cooper Allan Construction for sharing your picture with us. We Specialize in Natural Stone Thin Veneer and would love to help with your next design project!! Office 931-484-4141  www.elkriverstone.com  |  www.elkriverstone.net
  3. Very Nice Large Fireplace!!
    17 Oct, 2017
    Very Nice Large Fireplace!!
    Today's post features a very nice large interior fireplace. The Elk River Stone Veneer in a Tennessee fieldstone medium stack - ashlar design looks amazing and the install job is outstanding. This double fireplace is huge and the compliment of the stone can be seen all the way around, so no matter which side you are on you get that comfort feeling that comes from a natural stone fireplace. Love this fireplace design!! If this is the look you are after give us a call or stop by and see us, we
  4. What Sets Us Aprart From The Rest?
    15 Aug, 2017
    What Sets Us Aprart From The Rest?
    Our lead stone architect and quality improvement manager has many years experience as a stone mason. He knows the challenges of installing stone and has spent time refining the way we fabricate our natural stone thin veneer to make it more mason friendly without sacrificing beauty or quality. This is something you may not understand unless you have spent time installing natural stone thin veneer and have come across several of the many challenges a mason may encounter while installing your
  5. Natural Stone Thin Veneer
    05 Jul, 2017
    Natural Stone Thin Veneer
    Welcome to our Blog Page. We are a Natural Thin Stone Veneer Supplier business located in Crossville, Tennessee. Natural Thin Stone Veneer is Natural Stone sawed to 1-1/2 inch thickness to reduce weight. Therefore, Natural Stone Thin Veneer is being used in many architectural areas that has not been possible in the past. Today's picture is of a Natural Stone Thin Veneer Fireplace from a happy customer. It features a Fieldstone Medium Stack/ Ashlar mix. Consider Natural Stone Thin Veneer on your